I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that Grady provided for me during his investigation of my soon to be ex-husband.  I could not have asked for more.  He was very professional and always understanding of my feelings at this very emotional time.  He did an amazing job and I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of this type of service. B.G.

Mr. Wilson, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did recently with my investigation. I was pleasantly surprised from the beginning at how prompt you were to answer my emails. I also thought the report you sent was outstanding and very thorough. Having used other investigators before, I have to say you did the best job. If I ever needed investigative work done again you will definitely be the person I call.  L.S

Grady Wilson and his staff have done some really fine work for our firm. They have displayed reliability, persistence, intelligence, professionalism, and real creativity in their investigations, location of elusive individuals, and effecting service of process. We are very happy that we established a relationship with Wilson Investigation Network, LLC and intend to rely on them in the future.  Chuck Rice Chambers & Rice Homerville, GA (912)487-5241

I use Wilson Investigation Network because I know I can count on them to be efficient, professional and dependable on every case I give them. If there is something to be found, they will find it! S.C.

I would recommend Wilson Investigation Network to any of our clients or fellow law firms for their investigative needs. Grady performs his services promptly, thoroughly, and discreetly. Our clients have also expressed their satisfaction with Grady's services and appreciate the compassion he shows when addressing their situation. Fred Kopp Law Firm Alma, GA (912)632-6812

I suspected my husband to be cheating, and I knew I needed evidence but wasn't quite sure how to go about it. A friend suggested I contact Wilson Investigation and let them do the job, at first I hesitated due to money, I figured it would be so expensive, how could I afford a Private Investigator and file for a divorce? Truth of the matter, how could I not afford an investigator? I made the call, he was so easy to talk to, very professional, and met with me within the next hour or hour and half. He started working that same day; it took no time at all to get evidence and as Mr. Wilson stated, Closure. I highly recommend their services; they have done me a fantastic job, and continuously stayed in contact with me about everything. Thanks again for such a precise job. S.M.

I have known Grady Wilson for some time, and I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of high recommendation on his behalf. I am an attomey in Sandy Springs and have obtained Mr. Wilson's services on numerous occasions throughout the year. Mr. Wilson is conscientious, and productive in his work. He has completed every task we have requested in an efficient and timely manner with excellent results. Certainly, if you have any questions concerning my highest recommendation of Mr. Wilson, you may contact me at any time.. James (Jay) Sadd (888)474-9616 www.lawyersatlanta.com

Grady & his staff are very thorough and leave no stone unturned until they locate what they are searching for. He uses all accessible resources to his full capacity and he gets the job done correctly and in a punctual manner. We have used Wilson Investigation Network on numerous Process Service where the person(s) were attempting to "Hide" and Grady located them. We will continue to rely on his professionalism... Attorney in Waycross Judicial Circuit

Just a note to let you know how very pleased I am with Wilson Investigations!! I hired them on one day, two days later the job was done. You can't ask for more than that! They kept me informed during the investigation, informed me when the job had been completed. I was just as pleased with the follow up report that was downloaded and sent to me as well as my attorney. The report worded detailed information with very descriptive information. I have referred Wilson Investigation to a couple attorneys as well as friends. I will again! Wilson Investigation are professionals. If you want any type of investigation done, I would highly recommend them D.G.

Our office recently engaged Grady Wilson, Wilson Investigation Network, to perform a background check for one of our clients and we were greatly impressed with the prompt and thorough manner in which he handled this matter. Mr. Wilson kept us informed almost on a daily basis of his progress in locating the records we were seeking and what he had been able to find out. We highly recommend Wilson Investigation Network and will call on him any time we have a need for his services. Robert W. Guy, Jr. STEIN & GUY, P.C. St.Marys, GA (912)729-3635.

Grady, I want to thank you for your great work. I didn't know what to expect out of the investigation, but you got everything I needed and more. You were always very professional and understanding of my situation. I never had to sit and wondered what was going on with the investigation because you always had me an update or gave me a phone call when you came across things. I couldnt have asked for a better job. Your price was more than reasonable and service was great. If I ever need anything else you will be the guy I call! Thanks Again!!! B.M.Y.

I just want to say thanks to Mr. Grady Wilson for his excellent work that he has done for me and my family. Words can't explain how grateful I am for him doing such an outstanding job investigating my cheating wife. My wife was cheating on me and I needed more evidence on her other than what I already had on her. I meet Grady the day he presented my wife with her divorce papers, and even though I hadn't thought about hiring him to get more evidence on her infidelity, I sure am glad that I did. Grady made all the difference in the world; He got her more than I thought he would. I'm sure she was shocked to have gotten caught in some of the video he had on her, She Always said I haven't did anything but was she surprised when her attorney gave her a copy of what we had on her. This was one time that she could not lie her way out of it in court. She had to admit to all that she had done and thanks to the good work Grady done I got my Children and our home. Because of the fine work Grady did I will always be eternally grateful and thankful that I chose Wilson Investigation for they did a fantastic job for me. Thanks Grady C.A.

All Process servers\Private investigators are not created equal. Grady Wilson is head and shoulders above all others in his field that I have worked with. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of services of this sort. Jimmy Smith Attorney @ Law Townsend, GA (912) 832-2395

I met Grady through IASIU, and working a case in Smyrna, GA. He is diligent and insists on a job well-done. He also spoke at one of our IASIU meetings on accident reconstruction. Marguerite Girard Investigator at State of Georgia

Mr. Grady, I can't even begin to express how appreciative I am of you and your staff. Earlier this month I sought out looking for a private investigator that could just help me with my situation. I found your website and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did! You have been nothing, but helpful, reliable, and understanding! I would recommend your services to anyone that may be in a situation where they don't know where to turn. My family now has the peace of knowing we did everything we possibly could for two children we love so much! Thanks again Mr. Grady for just being there when I had nowhere else to turn! You didn't stop until the truth was found! God bless you! H.A.

I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did for me recently. The video you made was presented in a court hearing. There is no doubt that it really helped my son from having his children being allowed to be taken from the state he is currently living and moved to another state by their mother. If she had been able to leave that state with their children, it would made it very difficult for him to see and be around his kids. He truely loves his kids and they love him. Thanks Again for the excellent work! D.R.

After locating our birth mother, my siblings and I decided to have Mr. Wilson make the initial contact with her. He was absolutely amazing in the handling of this delicate and sensitive matter. We will definitely recommend him to the Adoption Angels network for any future contacts of this type. Thank you!! W.H.

Wilson Investigation Network, Thank you for the quality of work that you performed, the integrity in which you performed it, and for the reassurance that you provided during the investigation. Thanks, S.C.

Wilson Investigation was very professional and dependable. He was very competent and discreet. I would highly recommend his services. L.H.

We never anticipated needing an investigative service, but as fate would have it, the need presented itself. Not having any idea who to call, an acquaintance recommended Wilson Investigation Network. Upon contacting Grady, we found him to be completely professional and discreet. His methods where effective, providing exactly the results we needed, basically the truth. His report was accurate and sufficient for what we needed. Sincerely, I would recommend Grady Wilson if you find yourself in need of information that only a good investigator can provide. Don't hire someone that might blow the only opportunity you have to know the truth. M.S.

Mr. Grady is an awesome and very professional investigator. He has helped me a great deal with my divorce/custody of my son. I will not think twice on hiring him again in the future if the need should ever arise. J.M.

We found ourselves in a situation where certain allegations were made and we needed the services of a professional investigator. We needed an investigator who would not only investigate the allegations but one who could maintain parity between the needs of the defense attorney and the accused, while communicating with us long distance. This investigator had to be available and willing to seek answers to suspicions we had, research suggested information for the defense attorney, while providing evidence which would help build our defense. In our search Wilson Investigation Network is one name that came highly recommended. Mr. Grady Wilson not only got down to the bottom of these allegations, but secured statements from key witnesses that supported our suspicions. His professionalism and personal demeanor got results. Some of the information that he uncovered was critical to our defense and since we lived a great distance away Mr. Wilson communications with us was top notch. When we contacted him he replied immediately which was important to us and he was always open to suggestions. Because of Mr. Wilson experience and numerous resources, he was extremely helpful in providing new insight by uncovering information that none of us could have done individually. Not only would we highly recommend Wilson Investigation Network, but would encourage you not to look anywhere else for any case big or small, Grady Wilson is the only person we would recommend. Sincerely, M.C.

I contacted Grady Wilson to do some investigating for us prior to a custody hearing. Grady always responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner and I was also appreciative of his calm and professional demeanor. Furthermore, I was impressed that he went above and beyond by coordinating with our attorney and calling after court to see how everything went. During this stressful time, I was glad to have Grady as a resource and would certainly use him again, if necessary. EGB

Mr. Wilson is a true professional. From the time we retained his services until the end when the report and video (well done and in much detail I might add) is put into your hand, you can be assured that the best job has been done for you. Not only professional, but Christian and that shows through in everything he and his staff does. He constantly updated us as to the progress of our case. They are very caring about the situation. That's a huge plus when you are going through a situation. There are lots of reasons to use WIN for your investigative services but most of all you can count on a great job well done. I give WIN a 100% great rating. Thanks for all you've done. M.C.

I recently used the services of Wilson investigation in a personal matter I had. I was very satisfied with the work he did for me. I was able to call him at a moments notice and he and his wife always made me feel very comfortable. They are very professionel at what they do. You really feel they are there for you and will do anything to help you through your situation. It made the personal matter more bearable with people such as them to deal with. I highly recommend their services to anyone that has a personal or business matter. You will not be disappointed. G.T.

We would like to thank Mr. Wilson for handling our case. After looking into several firms to handle our case we chose Wilson Investigation Network and we couldn't have chosen a more professional investigator Mr. Wilson went above and beyond what was expected of him. After seeing the time, professionalism and effort he put into our case I would highly recommend him to anyone. J.G.

Mr. Grady, thanks so much for the outstanding job you did for me. I loved that I could contact you anytime and ask you any questions I may have had. I felt like you became a good friend when I was going through a very hard time. Thanks again. A.J.

This agency came highly recommended to me and I couldn't have made a better choice. They handled everything in a highly professional and confidential manner. I was able to resolve my concerns with them promptly and received timely feedback. They showed true compassion for me and the situation I was in. I got the information I needed to make an informed decision on what actions I needed to take. G.D.

I needed an investigator on short notice, and after attempting to find one on my own, I finally called my lawyer, who strongly suggested that Grady be my only option. I was able to secure Grady's services in the required amount of time, and he had a tracking device on my wife's vehicle that evening. Grady was very professional, responsive (good communication), and considerate throughout the investigation. He asked the right questions, and definitely produced the needed evidence, which disqualified my spouse from alimony. I've read other testimonials expressing this same sentiment, so though I know it's presumptuous, I don't feel as out-of-place saying that I feel like Grady is a friend. He even checked in after court was over to see how things were going. From all I've seen, he's a genuinely friendly and kind-hearted individual, with an easy smile, and it takes a special kind of person to maintain that demeanor while holding a job that constantly shows him people at some of their ugliest times. Thanks for everything, Grady. You will always be highly recommended anytime I or my family find someone in need of an investigator, and I will be actively looking for ways to promote your services. J.M.

I just wanted to send yall a quick note to sincerely thank you for your timeliness and prompt action in this matter!I also really appreciate your kindness and notification once my ex was served. You guys helped me stay on my tight timeline I'm currently under and helped me feel some relief in a very stressful situation. I wish you health, happiness, and continued success in the future!! Thanks again,. A.H.