Security Consultant

Wilson Investigation Network has developed a Loss Prevention program for area businesses to detect and prevent theft, fraud, and financial losses. Our program started some years ago helping small boutique owners from becoming victims of shoplifting.

We will evaluate your location whether it is a restaurant/bar, clothing boutique, pharmacy, grocery, car dealership, business offices, home, or warehouse facilities, etc. We will take a look at and test your current policies and procedures to prevent loss and recommend/implement changes to improve your bottom line and keep you from being "ripped off". Also in consideration of improving your bottom line, it is possible to need a "Sweep" of your business to protect your investments. This may include but is not limited to:

• Background Checks on current and future employees.

• Review of employee accounting procedures.

• Review of building layout and physical security.

• Review of Security Cameras and Alarms.

• Coordinate the implementation of Security Guards.

• Honesty check of current employees.

• Review of Customer Service and current company policies.

• Install Security Cameras (CCTV) which fit your company's needs.

• Professional Bug Sweep of areas of concern.

We can conduct these services on a one time basis, however to maintain your Security and to continue to mitigate loss we offer a monthly program starting at $100 for small stores and ranging to $750 for multiple locations. These programs include ongoing review of all of the above, complimentary background checks for new employees, and undercover "SPOT" checks of your locations operations.

Who Needs CCTV?

Everyday we have new clients and partners that help us learn, and in turn teach us new uses for Digital CCTV and Remote Management Systems. With reasons varying from physical security to loss prevention, industrial, governmental, even residential applications and personal protection it can be argued that CCTV is a valuable asset in almost every application.

Where are these systems used?

Digital CCTV is now being utilized more frequently to enhance existing security systems than in any other application. Remote Management CCTV is a form of an off-site solution. Anytime you want to see what is happening at your business, home or industrial facility Remote Management Systems allow you to defy the laws of nature and actually be in two places at once.

Simply log securely into your location(s) using a PC, laptop or PDA - from anywhere in the world at any time and see firsthand - what is happening live.

How Many Cameras do I Need?

Simply put cameras are the very eyes of every CCTV system. The cameras can be located anywhere inside or outside of your facility for proper coverage of critical areas. While we will never know your business quite as well as you, we do have a deep knowledge of hot buttons in many types of businesses and industries. We work very hard to provide complete coverage to protect our customers from exposure to various types of theft, damage, fraud and general liabilities. Regardless of the size, our systems are flexible and expandable and grow with your needs and the needs of your business.

Let Wilson Investigation Network design and install a system that will meet your every day needs. Contact us with your questions and we will work out a solution for you and your budget.

Why Do I Need Technical Surveillance Countermeasures?

Can you imagine what an eavesdropper could be learning about your personal life or business if they've bugged your home, office or car? What if they've tapped your phone? Or are watching you on a hidden video camera? The question is who would stand to gain from having unauthorized access to your personal information? How do you know or find out if you are a target of electronic eavesdropping?

This is a dilemma faced by many. The fact that your suspicions have brought you here, means there is a higher risk that you or your business may have been targeted. Do you trust your instincts? Can you afford not to?

Don't become a victim of illegal Electronic Eavesdropping contact Wilson Investigation Network today for a free consultation.

Anyone can be the target of covert electronic eavesdropping; however, some people are under greater risk than others. Are you a business owner, executive, separated or divorcing, involved in a custody dispute, insurance claimant, an inventor, involved in legal proceedings, celebrity, public figure?

Do people seem to know your private or confidential conversations, even when those conversations took place in your vehicle while you were alone? Do people know where you are or where you have been when they shouldn't?

What is the potential effect on you, your family or your business if sensitive information is intercepted by an eavesdropper? Could you afford not to find out?

A Technical Surveillance Counter Measure - TSCM Survey or "Bug Sweep" of sensitive areas and phone lines would be the most efficient, cost effective solution to mitigate this risk.

Don't become a victim of illegal Electronic Eavesdropping Contact Wilson Investigation Network today for a free consultation. Receive a quote on your executive offices, business, home or facility using a telephone or computer away from your area of concern.